R.A bills are prepared at the site for the work done. They are also called interim bills. These bills should be prepared every fortnight. Normally, payments to contractor are done on a weekly/fortnight basis. Hence, the bills should be updated. If there is no work progress of a particular contractor, the following remark should be made on the R.A. bill – “ Work status same as previous R.A Bill No.” 

Documents Required for R.A BILL 
Agreement of Contracts : Item rate/built-up area basis.
Quality report of material, from the site, if contract is with material.
Copy of material testing certificate
Name of site, name of the contractor, R.A bill No. And date.
Payment challans, abstract and measurement sheets.
Samples and brand name of material used
Contractor’s sign and Project Engineer’s sign on the bills
Contractor’s sign for hidden measurements, such as quantity of excavation in foundations etc.

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